Question: Can JTHF provide financial assistance to me while my child is fighting this disease?

Answer: No, we are not set up to provide direct financial assistance, but there are organizations that can help.

Question: Does JTHF have doctors on staff that can help me find the right treatment program for my child?

Answer: No, we do not employ medical professionals and do not provide and medical services other than providing information. Our Advisory Board reviews the information we post on our site to ensure its accuracy.

Question: Can I talk to someone at JTHF about my situation or am I limited to the information posted on the website?

Answer: You can contact us if you have a question or would like to talk to someone directly by sending us an email or calling the number listed on the Contact Us page.

Question: Where does the money go that is donated to JTHF?

Answer:¬†We have set up several funds in which we deposit the donations into. We have established an endowed fellowship research position at Ohio State University and we have funded research at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center. The majority of donations help fund research through our partnership with the DIPG Collaborative and the DIPG registry, more information in regards to the DIPG registry is listed under our “DIPG Registry| DIPG Collaborative” tab.

Question: What can I do to help?

Answer: Make a donation and/or volunteer to help at one of our fundraisers. Getting involved is the biggest donation you can make!